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"Upgrade Your System With The Latest Technology In PV Panels, Up To 40% Efficiency In Converting
Solar Power Into Electricity"

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Congrats on your purchase of The Energy Peak Shaver.

Here you have the chance to increase the
efficiency of your system.

While the energy peak shaver is a great stand alone project, with some tweaks, you can make it the best project that you ever built and owned.

You have now the option to upgrade your purchase and learn about the newest technology in solar panels. With these DIY Video Guides you can now double the amount of electricity that you can harvest from the sun with a simple tweak in the layout of the cells.

The new design has been discovered by researches on the MIT and have been tested by thousand of enthusiasts already. 

The main problem now is to store the amount of electricity you produce with the PV panels during the day so you can use it at night. This is where the energy peak shaver comes in handy. You connect the energy peak shaver to your Advanced PV Array and you store the excess electricity for later use.

"The 3D Solar Revolution"

The MIT researchers revealed a weird... yet childish-simple 3D solar array that has amazingly powerful results.

  • It's the cheapest, easiest way to effortlessly make your own "personal power plant"... and have a perpetual source of cheap green electricity for anything heading our way.
  • You don't have to be an electrician to do it, there's no maintenance, it does not take up a lot of space like the regular solar panels do.
  • The Energy Peak Shaver connects to this system with not additinal changes, it's plug and play.

This new design revolutionized the way solar panels are perceived by home users. With regular solar panels you need a lot of space to install and are hard to maintain and protect. With this tower design, you can place it wherever you want as long as light shines on it. 

The best part is that with the multi level cell design, it catches light which reflects from suroundings, boosting it's efficiency up to 40%, compared with 15 to 20% that regular PV arrays do.

By building your Freedom Solar System you can have:

  • You start small and build your system in time with this modular design
  • Excess energy which can run appliances in your home for free while going green
  • Avoid peek hours by using the energy produced by the solar panels
  • It's portable, you can take it anywhere you go
  • Improves your grid security, it allows you have a backup solution in case your grid fails
  • Versatile instalation

Your Freedom Solar Revolution system can be constructed cheaply with some parts that most of the people have lying around. The only thing you will need to order, are the PV cells. The best part is that they are available much cheaper than a few years ago when PV panels were just hitting the market. You can start your project for under $100 worth of parts.

In the video series you will learn how to build a great looking and practical Advanced Solar Panel Array as cheap as possible.

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...You will understand just how easy you can build your own Solar Towers on a budget, and never be held hostage to overpriced electricity again.

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